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Raising the Bar with @food.for.clout:

Food For Clout was started by friends Mariam Anwar and Manny de Jesus when they realized they could produce creative content while teaching (and preaching) surrounding important topics. They focus on sharing their messages in a fun and accessible way by using social media as their main platform. Co-Founder Manny explains that over time, this realization grew to foster the idea that more complex issues could be made more palatable for a wider and younger audience through careful integration of humour and pop culture. They feel that reaching this audience is important as this generation is crucial to creating lasting change.

In their most recent video, “Inside Scoop: Episode 2 - Raising the Bar” – Manny sits down and discusses themes surrounding men’s health with four men who they felt had a strong understanding of what it means to be an elite athlete. Men’s health is an increasingly new and evolving area, and in the 21stcentury it attempts to incorporate a broader understanding of health, health behaviours, and lifestyle choices (Garfield, Isacco, & Rogers, 2008). Through this video series Food For Clout aims to open conversation, and create a kind and welcoming narrative surrounding men’s personal forthcomings and experiences with different aspects of their health.

The following is a small description of the men interviewed in Episode 2 of the Inside Scoop. To support Food For Clouts effort of making the topic of men’s health more accessible, and to help them in their mission to #changethestats please consider following their Instagram @food.for.clout or donating to their fundraising campaign

@evanknappfisher (BPHE | RKin) has worked with a wide variety of athletes as a Queen’s Varsity AT, and has since brought his experience to the professional level with the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger Cats. He is currently studying as an AT for the OHL while pursuing a CSCS and RMT on top of that.

@tellison3 (BPHE | B.Ed) is a vocal advocate for men’s health here in Kingston, ON. His time spent with Queen’s Men’s Volleyball has helped bring not only chemistry, but a Forsythe Cup to the team’s locker rooms.

@husseinkhadr is in his final year at Queen’s University, and continues to embody the true markings of a veteran Rugby player and family man. Last but not least, @tdroy56 is a Defensive End force to be reckoned with for the Queen’s Football team. But he’s also one of the kindest guys we know. Together, these lads showed us that high performance is more than just a physical feat. Sometimes it’s all in the mindset, and the people that help you get there.


Garfield, C. F., Isacco, A., & Rogers, T. E. (2008). A Review of Men's Health and Masculinity.American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

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